Side Effects

Sage Cornelia Watson and Harry Edward Styles honestly what else is there for me to say? I was the medicine that healed her broken heart. The posion that masksed his pain. I am their secret that was never told, until now.


1. Prologue

I stared into the nothingness and watched as the clouds turn to gray. I had just opened a double panned window, the rush of the warm wind filled through my hair. I could smell the aroma of the rain pouring down into the soils in the field. 

That was what I was trying to keep my attention focused on instead of his hands on the band of my jeans. His hands explored my waist like two little lost creatures. His lips brushed against the back of my neck. Instinctively my eyes fell shut.

"We both know this isn't allowed." My voice pleaded. His mouth moved along my shoulder. He breathed against my ear and Harry's tone was stoic.

"Yes. Though this is just a mere example of what I am going to do." 

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