Divergent FanFic Competition entry. c:

Those eyes... they looked so empty. They look as if they belonged to someone who never dared to take chances, to do things no one else would. And that definitely wasn't Tris.

Tris was like fire; beautiful to look at, hard to control, and deadly to wield.


2. Prologue- date uknown

I awaken, gasping for breath. My head is heavy and my lungs feel as if they have been filled with a sappy liquid. I feel a scratchy cough racking my chest, and I'm frightened to see scarlet splatter across my arm. The ferocity of the coughs send my vision blurry, but it soon clears.

Looking around me, I see that the room I'm in has stainless steel walls in which my reflection is lost. Adjacent to the slat of a bed I'm sitting on, a monitor drones softly, keeping pace with the rapid beating of my heart.

A click of a door draws my attention to the man who seems to have come in through some hidden passage. In his hands is a syringe, needle shining, filled with a serum I have come to know all too well.


"W-Where am I?" I hear my raspy voice; quite the contrast to my typically light and airy tone. "Who are you?" 


"My dear, after this injection," he flicks the syringe a couple times, "you won't even know who you are."

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