Divergent FanFic Competition entry. c:

Those eyes... they looked so empty. They look as if they belonged to someone who never dared to take chances, to do things no one else would. And that definitely wasn't Tris.

Tris was like fire; beautiful to look at, hard to control, and deadly to wield.


8. Chp. 6- Identical

I lean over my desk, propping my head upon my hands.


How long have I been here?


After speaking with Caleb, I came back to my office in Johanna's building so I could do some more extensive research about Susan. Other than the basics, there was really nothing new to be learned about her. Her brother Robert runs a large supply farm outside of the Wall so there was no way I could've visited him today.

"Ugh," I growl to myself, "this is pointless."

There was a curt knock at my door before Johanna invited herself in.


"Yes, Johanna?" I swivel around  in my chair to face her.

"It's 7:30 p.m. Are you sure you don't want to go home?"

"I can't. Not yet anyways; I don't have access to the databases from there."

A small frown tugged at the corners of her lips as she walked over to join me at my desk. "You know, when I gave you this assignment, I wasn't expecting you to lose a lot of sleep over it. Can't you work on this again tomorrow?"


"Are these girls related?"

"What? No, why?" I look back down to the files and instantly, I see it.


They look so similar.


"They look so similar," Johanna repeats my thoughts. 

"Huh," I tear my eyes away from the papers, "Well,  I'll be leaving soon, I guess."

"Good," she lays a hand on my shoulder, "because too much stress can really way down on a person. And the best way to combat stress is sleep."

"All right, all right," I brush off her touch, "I get it. I won't be long."

"Okay. Make sure you lock up on your way out."

"Yeah, yeah."


The door clicks shut behind her and I began to type vigorously on my computer. After entering my username and fingerprint, I simply type in:

Tris Prior


In a flash, her standard picture from before her Dauntless initiation pops up. She's not smiling, but her eyes are warm. It's funny being able to feel something that no longer exists. Sorting through the piles of paper on my desk, I hold up Susan and Xoe's photos alongside Tris's.


Oh no.




A/N- Oooohhhhh what could it be?? Haha, but seriously, sorry for such a short chapter! I don't want to list any excuses but I am fairly busy :c  Next chapter soon, though!


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