The Poetry Diary

I have a love of poetry and tend to write it a lot, so I decided to post the ones which i tend to do daily.


16. 27th May 2015 - Names

I know I have many, 
And I know more will come to play,
But I know I can complete any, 
If I push aside anything in my way. 


I want to achieve all I want, 
All my hopes desires and dreams,
But I know things will come to taunt,
And I might tear at the seams.


I will rise above those who said I'd fail,
No time to give them the bail, 
I will lift off my own black veil, 
Whilst they're still chasing their tails. 


So there take upon what I say, 
I have no time for your games, 
One day you might say 'Hey',
But to me you'll be nothing but names.

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