The Poetry Diary

I have a love of poetry and tend to write it a lot, so I decided to post the ones which i tend to do daily.


13. 24th May 2015 - Overpowered

Over powered and desired, 
Devoured and admired. 
Empowered and stronger, 
Retired yet weak no longer. 
Deep inhale, and gasp, 
Hidden in a veil underneath your grasp. 
Tangled skin, clenched sheets, 
My head in a spin, and so it repeats. 
Tensed yet serene, 
Under you condensed, nothing to be seen. 
Closed eyes, and fingers  touch, 
Exhilarating highs, is this too much? 
In deep, in both ways, 
Worn ready for sleep, as he lays. 
Hot panting, chest fighting weights, 
Almost enchanting, but what next awaits? 
Fingertips run, finding my cheek, 
In a stun, feeling in a way weak. 
Oceans of blue, glisten in my path, 
He can see straight through, but in no wrath. 
Defenseless, yet undone, 
Almost fluoresce, like the sun. 
Lust or obsession, 
I gave him trust, an impression.

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