The Poetry Diary

I have a love of poetry and tend to write it a lot, so I decided to post the ones which i tend to do daily.


10. 21st May 2015 - Too Young

He was adult, 
Whilst I was still a child. 
And yet the result, 
Was wild and not mild. 
Lust overtook me,   
And he didn't hold his attack. 
But with myself I would plea, 
If I could go back. 
Though during the time, 
I thought he would change. 
But it was just a crime, 
How he left me derange. 
Though something bodily, 
It change my state of mind. 
He wasn't one of honesty, 
But I was so blind. 
He abused my trust, 
Yet I just let him. 
Now I know trust is a must, 
To think of it now it's rather grim.  

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