The Poetry Diary

I have a love of poetry and tend to write it a lot, so I decided to post the ones which i tend to do daily.


7. 18th May 2015 - Bigger Girls

I might be a bigger girl, 
But I couldn't care less. 
But your comments I give a hurl, 
It's not like you're the press. 

Like I say, there's just more sand, 
In my hourglass shape. 
If you can't understand, 
Then you're no smarter than an ape. 

So why do we care so much, 
Its my body not yours. 
Not like you'll get to me to touch, 
I don't need your so called cures. 

At the end of the day I am healthy, 
I exercise and eat well. 
Though I might not be stealthy, 
But I know someday I'll excel. 

So to everyone is thin, 
Who can eat a shit ton. 
You're all bone and skin, 
And barely got one bun. 

I'd rather be curved, 
With a little bit more. 
Then I know it will be deserved, 
After all the bore.

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