All alone

A survivor story.
Lost all contact with the outside world. Nowhere to go.
Forced to survive. All alone.


4. 4. Awake

I woke up with a weird feeling in my face I looked up, found myself under a blood dripping body. It felt so cold in the beginning. I had blood all over me, in my face, on my clothes. At this time I admit, I am happy for being a doctor so I can handle blood and dead bodies.  

I got up and tried to move and walk around, it didn’t last for long when I short after found my family dead. My eyes exploded in tears and I fell on my knees hugging the remains of my family. I have never been so sad, my baby Ashley had her head cut in two” my baby oh god” and my beautiful girlfriend Emily were missing her limbs. My tears washed some of the blood off.
After my discovery most parts of my body were inflicted with very harsh and power full pain. I couldn’t stand. My vision was very blurred just of tears.
I walked around in the plane and found a backpack, very nice to wear and quite big. I took it.
As good as it gets I thought.  

This was the start of a very lonely and tough journey.

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