All alone

A survivor story.
Lost all contact with the outside world. Nowhere to go.
Forced to survive. All alone.


2. 2. Me

Usually I saw myself as a quite normal man, when I wasn’t stranded in the middle of nowhere.

My name is Bryson Diaz
I am from London
I am 23 years old

Born in 1992 I did not have such a troubled childhood. I have had good parents well balanced all the way. The usual choices and consequences. Though I have always stayed on the legal side of the law, why take the chance. Right? In the jungle isolated. I don’t feel like myself. The closest I have been to another human being, is a gorilla I nearly got into a fight with over some bananas. It came when I got the bananas down from the tree, I didn’t make it down from the top because it gave me a growl on the way down, and then ran off into the darkness of the jungle. Eventually I found some food short after, some worms and other small bugs. I am going inside the cave for the last night. When I go to bed inside the cave, it’s the only place I feel just a little bit of safety in this god forsaken environment.

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