"Stay way from her. She's murderous." I hear me ex tell him. The ex that survived. The ex that killed my inside. The ex who changed me.


7. 7.

•●Hannah POV●•

"So what do you want to do today Haffy?" Harry asks. I shrug. 

"I really don't know?" I reply wrapping his arms around the frount of me. (A / N Harry is behinde her and is wrapping his arms around Hannahs frount.)  He rests his head on my shoulder and kisses my cheek. I smile.

"What about pool party at Liams house?" 

"Yeah, why not?" I unravel my self from Harry and start going up stairs to my room. I get my bag ready for the pool party. I pack a Swim suit, a over thing for before I get in the pool, a towel, hairdryer, brush and deodorant.

"Hannah you ready yet?" I hear Harry shout up the stairs.

"Yeah!" I shout back as I jog down the stairs. 

"Okay, no need to shout." He smiles as I jump the last step. "The lads are going to pick us up soon." 

"Ok!" I walk out side in this:

BEEP BEEP!! The blue car pulls up out side.

"Harry the lads are here!" I yell through the window. Harry runs out side greeting me with a kiss. We both get in the car and it drives off.

15 minutes later we arrive at Liams house. We get out of the car and go in Liams house.

"Oh my gawd Liam your house is amazing!" I tell him as I greet him with a hug.

"I know. It's nice isn't it?" He asks.

"Yeah." We go onto the conservatory.

"Put your bags down there and get changed." Harry tells me.

"Ok." I grab you swim sit out of my bag them throw the bag on the floor.


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