"Stay way from her. She's murderous." I hear me ex tell him. The ex that survived. The ex that killed my inside. The ex who changed me.


6. 6.

mage here


•●Hannahs POV•● 


I wake up underneath Harry with my body to the side and legs spread out. I smiled at the sleeping Harry.


"Harry bear wake up! Im hungry! " I whisper In  his ear. He doesn't move. 


"Harry bear wake up! Im hungry so get me the food!" I whisper again.


Still no movement so I start tapping his arm, then proding his face, then smaking his hand and then I kicked him. Still no effort to move. I sigh and stick my tounge into his ear. Still nothing. Out of hungrper I trow the covers off of me and walk into the bathroom to make sure I look half desent. I quietly walk down the dark lit stairs. I look into the living room. No one. Dinning room. Nothing.  Kitchen. Food. 


"Hannah why are you up so early hunny?" I hear Harrys mum ask.


"Erm. Im hungry." I smile with my head down.


"Is Harry not up?" 


"No!" I frown.


"Okay. Get yourself some breakfast hunny. Harry told me you got kicked out of home so make this home hunny!" She smiles walking out into the dinning room. I grab a bowl and some Krave cereal. I pour the dry Kraves into the bowl and go into the dinning room.


"Can I eat in the living room? Abd what can I call you?" I ask picking a Krave out of the bowl. 


"You can call me Anne or mum. Either or." She says with a big grin.


"Ok Anne." With that I walk into the living room and throw muself at the sofa, grabbing the remote. I flick through the channels. News: Wanted Hannah Slie! Change it quickly. I raize my eyebrows and look around. The room looked spooky in the dimly lit room. I put a Disney Princess movie on. Frozen my ultimate fave! 


"LET IT GO!!!!!" I shout waking up everyone in the house.


"Hannah shut up! Ill get you some food!" Harry shouts coming through the door as I put my last Krave in my mouth. I smile evily.


"Sorry bab!" I smerk. Im being so .... nice. 






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