"Stay way from her. She's murderous." I hear me ex tell him. The ex that survived. The ex that killed my inside. The ex who changed me.


5. 5.

•●Hannahs POV●•

The walk took for ever. I swear I'd been walking for an hour. Finally I get there. I Knock at the door.

"Hey Haffy!" Harry comes to the door and pulls me INto a hug.


"Stay away from her. Shes muderous!" Say my ex. The ex that survived. The ex that killed my INside. The ex that changed me.


We walk Into the house. It was different. But In a good way. 

"Hello hunny!" A odd looking woman says to me taking hold of my arm.

"Hi." I say awkwardly.

"Hannah this Is my mum." Harry says smiling.

"Oh sorry, hey Hazza's mum!" I reply shakimg her hand.

"Hi Hannah, how are you hunny?" She asks. I look at Harry.

"Im fine. You?" We had this full on conversation that took 5 minutes.

We go upstairs Into Harrys room.

"So can I deffinitely live with you?" I ask sitting next to him with my back against the wall on his bed.

"Corse you can." He smiles, pulling me onto his lap. Quickly I fall asleep on him. I feel him move me to a lieing down position. His arms wrapped around me tightly.


Hey guys sorry Its short. I swear this tablet Is Allergic to 'I' s cos IT keeps going to the top of the page. So update ::::::::: Hannah has murdered loads and shes wanted dead or alive but the boys dont know thats why her ex said about her being Muderous and things....... I hope you Enjoy the rest of the book. Sorry for any spelling mistakes and ramdom letters. Thanks - MFB.



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