"Stay way from her. She's murderous." I hear me ex tell him. The ex that survived. The ex that killed my inside. The ex who changed me.


4. 4.

•●Hannah POV●•

We pull up at the Starbucks entrance. We all get out of the blue car and walk into the coffee shop.

 "So Harry, who's you new friend?" Louis asks Harry.

"Oh, this is Hannah. She found my sister." He replies smiling.

"Hi Hannah. Can I call you Haffy. Haffy and Hazza! Cute!" Louis squeals. He's such a child. We get a seat at a table. Starbucks was closed for us, probablys because it's one direction walking in the room. Me, Liam and Harry order the drinks. 

"Why are they all banging on the window like that?" I say like a dumb blonde.

"Oh they. We are One Direction," Harry says taking a sip out of his mug.

"Who?" I take the straw out of my mouth and swallow loudly.

"A very famous band Haffy,"  Louis tells me. Oh so they are a band. I couldn't tell. "Are you and Harry a 'thing'" 

I look at Harry for help.

"Yeh. We are!" He blurts. He moves his chair closer to mine. I put my arm around his shoulders and smile.


Finally we walk out of Starbucks and go back in to the car. 

"Enjoy your day?" Quiet Liam asks.

"Yeah it was cool meeting you guys." I reply turning in the seat. 


The car stops outside of my house and I suddenly feel shivers go down my back. I could sense something bad was going to happen.

"Thanks guys. Can I have your number Harry before I go?" I ask awkwardly. He grabs a pen and my hand and writes his number on my hand. "See you guys later!"

"Bye Haffy!" They shout, waving at me. I wave back. As I walk into my house I see a tall figure in my room. I nervously open the door and walk in.

"Hello?!" I call. No answer. I find a note on the table as I walk I to the kitchen to see if any of my food was stolen. 

Hannah, stay away from me, my girls and my family. I've heard what you are, what you've done. You are officially been kicked out! I am getting your stuff and throwing them down the stairs,


I read aloud walking up the stairs. I see Marie standing with my suitcase.

"WATCH OUT BELOW!!" She screams throwing my stuff down the stairs like the letter said she would.

"Your a nutter Marie!" I smile up to her. I pick my stuff up and head for the door. I sit on the curb out side the house. I deside to add Harrys number to my phone. 

Hey, It's Hannah ♡ - Hanah.

Hey babe ♡ - Harry.

I've been kicked out of my house :( ♡ - Hanah. 

Aww poor you ♡ live with me ♡ - Harry.

Really ♡ - Hanah.

Yeh ♡ - Harry.

Thank you thank you thank you babe ♡♡♡ -Hannah.

When are you coming? - Harry

Now ♡ - Hanah.

I start walking down the street.

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