"Stay way from her. She's murderous." I hear me ex tell him. The ex that survived. The ex that killed my inside. The ex who changed me.


3. 3.

 •●Hannah POV●•

I walk aroud with Emma for a bit then she starts crying again.

"Do you really kill people?" She whispers in my ear.

"Mabey, Why?" 

"Because earlier, the boy you went in the bushes with, he disappeared. Where did he go?" It's like she's a cop or something. 

"The opposite side of the bushes. Why ?you a cop or something?" I ask putting her down.

"No! But there's one." She says pointing to a man in a cop car.

"Come here!" I whisper pulling her back on to me hip and running over to my hide out. My hide out is a small shed type thing covered in vines and tree branches.I sat her down on an old rug on the floor.

"Be quiet. Don't even move!" I say covering the entrance to the hide out with a big branch that had fallen before I found it. I hear foot stepss come closer and closer to the enterance. I see leaves move and a hand reaching In. The branch slides away slowly.

"Out the back Quickly!" I whisper pushing her towards a gap IN the wall. I stay IN the hide out.

"Hi, have you seen my sister?" A tall lad with curly Brown hair asks.

"Em, IF shes called Emma then yes, IF not then nope." I reply.

"Yeah shes called Emma. Where Is she?" He says looking arround me.

"HARRY!!" I hear Emma cry as I start to get out. She runs INto his arms and he holds her tightly. He looks at me and I smile politely.

"Thanks for keeping her safe. Who are you?" He asks.

"Im Hannah, you must be Harry?" I hold out my hand but he pulls me INto a hug. 

"Yeh I am. So, where did you find Emma?" 

"She found me." 

"Do you want to come to starbucks with me and Emma?" He asks as a  blue car pulls up behind us.

"Em, yeah..." I say Slowly. We walk over to The car.

"This IS Liam, Niall and Louis." Harry tels me as he gets IN the back seat of the car. I quickly slode I the Passerger seat.






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