"Stay way from her. She's murderous." I hear me ex tell him. The ex that survived. The ex that killed my inside. The ex who changed me.


2. 2.

•●Hannah POV●•

I walk down the empty street. My mind flicking to the past. I thought he loved me. Obiously 'LOVE' isn't true. Just like 'SORRY'. My life is a mess now. 

A little girl tugs on my denim shorts. 

"What do you want?" I ask her.

"I'm lost. Can you help me find my brother please?" She answers, eyes filling up with tears.

"Okay. What does he look like?" I ask crouching to her hight.

"Brown curly hair. Tall I think and is in one direction. His name is Harry." she says in tears and hugging me tightly. I pick her up and put her on my hip. 

"Okay, what's your name?" I ask as I start walking.

"My name is Emma. What's your name?"

"My name is Hannah."

We walk towards the park. Anyways I should tell you some more about me. I'm not liked around here. I'm known for my goth like looks and my criminal record. Yeh after my ex tryed to kill me and left me in unconsciousNess for a week I found a new hobby. Murder. Anyways I don't want to scare the little girl.

As we walk down the long not used road to the park a group of boys walk past us.

"Little girl I would run! She'll killed you." One of them shouts.

"Yeh, she killed my friend, now she's on to you!" another yells.

"If you see the police, yell for them!" shouts another. She looks at them weirdly.

"No she's not! She's helping me find my big brother." she tells them in a sweet but annoyed voice.

"She would then she'll get close to him and then she'll kill him!" the first one tells her.

"Tell the mean boys to stop please Hannah! They are scaring me!" She says burrowing her head into my jumper.

"Piss off now you little cunts!" I yell at them. They start walking away And so do we. After a few minutes we arrive at the small park. 

"Why did you bring me here!?" She asks with an alarmed voice.

"So you can play on the swings. And I'm meeting someone."


"Just someone. Go and play." She runs over to the swings as the person I'm meeting comes in. 

"Hi babe! Whos that?" he asks.

"A little girl I'm looking after." I say kissing his fore head. "Come with me." 

I start walking over to some bushes.

10 minutes later I come back out of the bushes without him.

"Come on Emma, let's find your brother." I say holding out my hand.

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