"Stay way from her. She's murderous." I hear me ex tell him. The ex that survived. The ex that killed my inside. The ex who changed me.


1. 1.

// A/N this is a Harry fan fic. I'll do 3 others which will be Liam, Niall and Louis fan fics. They will go in them orders. So I hope you enjoy my 4 books. Thanks xx. //

•● Hannah POV ●•

Flash Back...

"Morning baby girl." He says stroking my cheek.

"Morning." I reply. I get up from my bed and slip my dressing gown on.

We go down stairs into the kitchen. I grab the cereal from the shelf. 

"Happy anniversary babe!" I hear him call from  the lounge. I run in with my bowl of Special K. "Here I got you this." 

He gives me a small box. I open it. I see a cute locket in the shape of a heart.

"Aw thanks baby!" I squeal, putting my cereal down and then jumping on him. The locket had a 2 on it. 2 for our 2nd anniversary and two of us.


6 months later. 

"I hate who you always think your right! I'm a person too you know!" I yell at him as he pushes me up to the kitchen counter.

"I don't care what you think!" he screams ripping off the locket he gave me which scratched my neack. I start crying for a little from the hurt and anger. He turns me around but kept hold of my little arms. He reaches over to the knife block.

"What have I done to you? eh? Why do you want to abuse me? Why so you all of a sudden hate me? I do everything you want me to! So why?Why all of a sudden you just abuse me?" I cry watching him grab a knife.

"Because......" I hear him say. That's all I hear him say.


1 week later.

I wake up. Everything was blurred. 

"It's okay Hannah! You'll be fine, your just waking up from being unconscious for a week." I hear a unfamiliar voice say. The voice came into vision. It was a nurse. Why am I in hospital?

"What hapeed?" I mumble.

"Well, your boyfriend, he staved you in the stomach, then he ran out of your house leaving you there. He found your brother and, I'm sorry to say, he killed him. Then he told us he was working for someone and that he is sorry." The nurse tells me, putting another pillow under my neack. I feel a tear role down my face.

'Were is he?" I ask sliding get down off of  the bed. My knees go weak and wobbly, I fall to the ground in tears and pain.

End flash back...

Hey, I'm Hannah. I'm 19 now. My ex nearly killed me those 7-8 months he did kill my brother and then his boss targeted my dad, mum, sister, little brother and my best friend. I lost everything because of him. Even my house. 


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