Chronicles of An Eleven-hundred Year Old Baby: A Steven Universe FanFic

Lolite is 1,100 years old. Her guardian was Jasper. She never taught Lolite to talk or even basic human common sense. Jasper grew sick of her and tossed her aside. Then, the crystal gems found her and took her back to their temple. This is her story.


1. Meet Lolite

Name: Lolite

Age: 1,100

Personality: Quiet unless something upsets her. She doesn't look at The Crystal Gems as her family.


                            (That's her room in the temple..)

Gem: Lolite

Cut and Location: Heart on her left cheek

Weapon: Bow and Arrow. The arrow heads are laced with tranquilizer (used if nessecary). She also wears a dagger on her left thigh for protection.

Other: Doesn't know how to talk and doesn't know basic human common sense.

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