Chronicles of An Eleven-hundred Year Old Baby: A Steven Universe FanFic

Lolite is 1,100 years old. Her guardian was Jasper. She never taught Lolite to talk or even basic human common sense. Jasper grew sick of her and tossed her aside. Then, the crystal gems found her and took her back to their temple. This is her story.


3. Chapter 2

 I looked behind me and I saw the large paw prints this adorable lion was leaving behind.

"So she really can't talk?" Connie asked.

"I guess not."

"How 'bout we go stop by Big Doughnut?" Connie said. 

"Let's send in Lolite. She's still got a lot of people to meet," Steven suggested.

"Are you sure?" Connie asked unsure.

"I don't know. Can you handle it Lolite?" 

I nodded. I felt happy. Something I could do without talking...or so I thought. 

 Steven, Connie, and I approached Big Doughnut. I hopped down off the lion and I smoothed my dress. I pushed open the door and walked in. 

"Welcome to Big Doughnut. What can I get 'cha?"

I pointed to the kind with chocolate glaze and sprinkles. We gems don't have to eat..I like to though..

Anyway, I held up 3 fingers. One was for Steven, the second was for Connie and the last one was for me. One of them handed me the doughnuts and I walked out proudly. 

One of the workers came out and looked annoyed. "Hey! You gotta pay for those!" 

"Sorry Lars. Here." Steven said handing him some money. Lars took the money and went back inside. He did a double take at me and narrowed his eyes. He's strange..

"Lolite. You gotta pay when you want food." 

I tilted my head as if to say, "Why?" 

"It's just how that sort of thing works." 

I nodded an apology and handed Steven the doughnuts. 

"Let's get going. We'll miss the mayor if we stay to long," Connie said. 

Steven helped me back onto the lion and we started again. 





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