We'll Live Forever


3. the reason was him

i woke the next morning with the bright golden sunlight peering through the gaps in my blinds. i opened my eyes and stared at my room that felt dark and empty. my walls were covered in posters and pictures of bands and other people, books and TV shows that inspired me. i had a single bed that owned grey covers that seemed to be under a spell of bringing back horrible memories as i lay in them of a night trying to sleep and get away from everything. i stepped out of bed and placed my feet against the cold hard tiles, my long pajama bottoms grazed the floor as i walked over to the window pulling the chord that let a sudden brightness fill my room. i turned around and my room had transformed, just from them few rays of light it made it turn from a cold dark place to the room i love and represents me perfectly.


i sat on my unmade bed and remembered my previous day with ashton and suddenly jumped up with joy realizing today was the day i went out with him on a date. i grabbed my phone from my bedside table and dialed his number. it rang and rang leaving me anxious of his response to my phone call. i glanced at my clock checking it wasn't to early and he would still be asleep. it was 10:00 and i gave a sigh of relief. i then heard at voice speak on the other end of the line and smiled as i heard him say my name. 'lily, i was about to ring you myself' i laughed in response and he said 'can i pick you up at 12:00 if that's OK' 'that's fine' i replied and he said 'don't wear too many layers' i froze and couldn't speak for a minute before i snapped back to reality and said 'OK' more shy than before. he giggled and i could see his cute smirk in my head. he then quickly said 'i need to go see you later' he made a kissing sound and hung up leaving a feeling in my tummy that i couldn't make out whether it was nerves or excitement. i decided to shrug it off and get ready, i took a CD from my shelf and placed it into my CD player. the disc started to spin and the loud music filled my room i danced along to the beat and turned on my shower in my en suite bathroom. i took off my clothes and threw them into the basket. i tied my hair up on my head so it would stay dry and i hoped into the bath tub and went under the water that moved down my back and along my skin that was covered in bumps and scars from my cuts and burns. when i was finished i looked at myself in the mirror and realized i looked much better than usual, and most of my wounds were healed and were starting to fade. i made a promise to myself to stop and the reason was so clear, it was him.    


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