We'll Live Forever


4. suddenly the nerves came back to me

when i stepped out into my bedroom i searched in my closet for something decent, without many layers like ashton said. i took out my short sleeved nirvana shirt with some black tights and shorts to go over the top, i added a plaid shirt and looked at myself in the mirror and cringed 'to many layers' i said to myself but i ignored it and carried on getting ready. i brushed my hair and left it down. i was finishing my make up as my mum called me down for breakfast. i turned off my music and closed my door as i left my room. 'ooh, you look nice' my mum said as i came into the kitchen 'thank you' i said back and she handed me a plate of food, i sat at the table and she sat with me. she didn't pity me and was surprised when i finished the whole plate and sat at the table long enough so i wouldn't be able to throw it up again. she gave me a round of applause and i asked what the time was. '11:45 why are you going somewhere?' she questioned 'yes' i replied happily and rushed up stairs. i grabbed my ruck sack and shoved in my purse, journal, pencil case, phone and any other stuff i thought i'd need. before i left my room i took my camera from were it hung and put the lanyard round my neck. i skipped joyfully down the stairs and as soon as i reached the last step i heard the bell go and a familiar hello. i walked towards the door, the nerves coming back to me and i said hello to ashton telling my mum i would be home later. i closed the door behind me as me and ashton carried on down the path.  

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