We'll Live Forever


1. sleeves

I closed the battered door and entered the rotting hall way I saw him and ran to his arms i collapsed into tears and I couldn't hold any of my feelings back anymore they all came flooding out at once.

I pushed open the gate and walked into the park I sat on the nearby bench and thought. I thought about a lot of things that knotted up my head causing everything to become muddled. A tear of confusion strayed down my cheek. I took my sleeve and uncovered the scars and cuts from the previous night. I had felt so unwanted after the embarrassment over my bully incident and needed a getaway. I quickly pulled it back up when i saw a boy  walking towards me. He was tall and skinny with a bright bandana holding back his soft brown wavy hair from falling into his face that although had a glum smile brought so much happiness to me. He sat next to me and said 'what were you looking at' referring to my wrist. before I could say anything he changed the subject. 'So is this your thinking place as well' he said I nodded and he gave a smirk. I stood up and started walking away. I heard footsteps and the crunching of autumn leaves behind me and stopped in my place. He grabbed my hand and we walked in silence for quite a while. Finally I spoke up 'I'm Lily' I said he nodded and replied 'I'm Ashton'. 

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