We'll Live Forever


2. going to do me good


He took me to his house and we played different video games and just talked. We learnt quite a lot about each other although I didn't tell him about my self harm and I could tell he was hiding something from me. I shrugged it off though and just focused on the feeling of butterflies in my tummy I got when he looked me directly in the eye making me feel more wanted than I had ever felt in my life. He asked  if he could take me out tomorrow and of course I replied yes and got even more excited than before. He took me back to my house and he met my mum who seemed very impressed but then her smile dropped once he left and I told her I hadn't mentioned my cuts. She made me some dinner very small as usual and I dabbed at it only eating a small fraction as I always did, I then emptied it into the bin and ran to my bathroom. Straight away the toilet seat was up and I was on my knees, but as my fingers touched the roof of my mouth and slid down towards my throat nothing came up I resisted gagging as I remembered the day I had just spent with ashton I had a feeling this boy was going to do me good. 

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