The love of my life!


3. High School and college

 I could not imagine a guy more perfect then he was. He was my dream guy. We went to all the homecoming dances and coming home dances together. Junior and Senior year we went to prom together. All the girls had gone all goo goo eyes after he cut his hair and changed from a mysterious guy to a guy dating a popular girl. We graduated and went to the same college together. Which if you guys really want to know was University of South Alabama ! Then the as I was walking to the stage to get my Doctorate Chase runs up and grabs the mic from the president of the college and says "Alex there is something I wanted to ask you." He gets down on one knee and pulls out a small velvet box "Alexandra Noelle Mollnhauer We have been dating for six years now. I want to ask you a very important question." at this point I knew what he was gonna ask and had my hands covering my mouth and I was crying happy tears. He continues by saying " Alexandra Noelle Mollnhauer I have known that I would love and care for you since I Ally introduced us. Alex will you marry me?" I took a minute to take a breathe and to calm down my breathing. I answered still crying and still breathing heavily "Chase Of course I will marry you. I love you and can't imagine my life with anyone else. Yes I will marry you"  He puts the ring on my finger and kisses me deeply and passionately. By then we had forgotten we were at a college graduation and the whole school clapped and awed. The president of the college said heres you Doctorate degree.  Don't forget to invite me to the wedding... <3 

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