Cole has just moved back to LA from Kansas where he spent the last 2 years after his dad got a promotion, his best friend Maisie is helping Cole settle in when he connects with an old friend Kate. when Kate starts going out with Tyler that's when things get confusing.


2. Night Time Rituals

Maisie: "Okay I've been here for hours, where are you? you're nearly out of chips, If your not her in 5 I'm ordering the pizza without you?"

"Back one day and already you're talking to someone? whats his name??" Matty joked as he peered over to look at my phone.

"He, is called a her. It's Maisie, I'm not interested in anyone at the moment." I said cautiously. "I think I'm going to take time to focus on my grades this semester" 

"Good, from what I remember you had a lot of 'distractions' back in Kansas"

"That's behind me, I'm not like that anymore..." we had stopped outside my house. "Well, thanks for the ride."

"Anytime" He paused. "Y'know, we never actually talked about your party. The one..."

"Sure we have" I interrupted.

"No, not fully. I mean not about the... what happened... the..." Matty Struggled to get the words out.

"Kiss?" Hesitantly I suggested.

"Yeah, that"

"there's nothing to talk about? you were wasted and besides, its not like it meant anything" I say with the feeling of doubt coursing throughout my entire body.

"Yeah, I suppose..." he paused again, this time he didn't speak but appeared as though he was deciding something. things began to get awkward so I turned to Matty.

"thanks again for the ride, I've got to..." In the middle of speaking Matty suddenly grabbed my head and brought it closed to his and we kissed again. And again, and again, suddeny I was moving forward towards him and then putting my legs around him when, My Phone goes off and I sound the car horn then bump my head against the roof of the car as I jumped in shock.

"I should Probably..."


As I get out I wave goodbye to Matty and turn around to look up to my window where I can see Maisie looking out. I get in and she runs down the stairs.

"Who just dropped you off?" Maisie said with her 'I'm not dropping this until you tell me' voice.

"what? no one!" I tried to lie.

"I saw you, and I know you saw me seeing you get out of that car, which by the way looks quite like Matthew Pine's car"

"Who? oh Matty, em maybe" I said rubbing the top of my head in pain and walking away to the kitchen.

"Hold up. Did Matthew Pine give you a ride home from school, and since when did he become Matty? This morning you where too afraid get out of the car as he walked by and now your getting rides home!" 

"Yeah, and since he kissed me" I smirked

"Wait, what?!?!?! when did this happen and why wasn't I informed? plus, doesn't he have a girlfriend?"

"Jenny and broke up with him like 2 weeks ago"

"How do you Know this?"

"We Skype"

"what else haven't you told me? I thought we where friends!"

"We are, he just made swear not to say to anyone. I'm sorry I've wanted to tell you for so long." Maisie was calmer than I thought she would have been after about 5 minutes of silent thinking with the occasional outburst of 'OMG' and 'HOW DID I NOT NOTICE' she asked me about him and how long we've been skyping for.


As Maisie Left I got a text:

Matty: Come online, need to talk. 

Walking up to my room my nerves get worse and I start to shake, my heart is in my mouth. I lie on the bed and open up my laptop, '3 Missed Calls from Matty P.'  I am about to call him back when he calls me again. I answer.

"Dude where were you? I've been calling for like 20 minutes"

"Sorry Maisie was over, I couldn't talk"

"Did you tell her about us?"

"Of course not, I don't even know what 'us' is. plus I wouldn't want to ruin your badboy rep" I joke in saying so because of his 'Player' label in school years ago.

"c'mon, you know I changed and I Don't think anyone should know about us for a while"

"we aren't an 'us' not if all we are going to do is be friends that make out in secret, I don't do closet cases. I need to be taken out to dinner, be bought gifts and paraded around the street" 

"I didn't think you where like that, y'know since what all happened back in Kansas"

"I told you not to talk about that Matty. Today was nice but I don't know what I want someone who wants me for me and likes themselves for themselves, no matter what other people think about them"

"I liked today, I thought you liked me? I thought If you did you'd understand me and give me time... I guess not then" 

"I do like you! other wise I wouldn't do this little bedtime ritual of offloading my day onto you and having conversations about dilemmas that we both have... Listen, I have to go. My Mom is back, Talk tomorrow?"

"Talk tomorrow!" He hung up before I could click the button, my Mom wasn't home yet. I just had to end that call before things got worse. One day back and I'm already causing problems, its like nothings changed!


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