The Giant yellow Caterpillars

This is a story told from the perspective of animals - with a twist right at the end which I hope you enjoy. It has a bit of an environmental message as the animals are trying to save their sacred tree. I won a prize for this at school so I hope it's OK. Please read it and let me know what you think..


3. The escape

~~Whatever the sound was it was getting louder and louder. Then Seb said “climb on my neck”.  I wearily clambered onto his slippery, scaly back. Then he slowly lifted me up towards the top of the fern.

   Just before I reached the top I slipped. I was way too far up to survive the drop. Before I knew it I was falling. The wind was rushing past my face.  I thought for sure I would die. I must have been only one centimetre away from being a furry, squished mess when something grabbed me in its jaws.  Whatever it was its fangs were dangerously near as it yanked me up to the sunlight. Was it dragging me into its den?

As soon as I was on the roof of the forest I could see the creature that saved my life.  It was Seb. Just when we recovered from the sudden events a huge, dark figure crawling on all fours appeared out of the gloom underneath us. It was at least 21.987351 inches tall. I’d never seen anything so huge in my life, and it had a thick coat of rough, flea ridden fur and a bushy black and white striped tail. It also had five curved razor sharp claws on each of its four feet all coated in a thick layer of mud and dirt.

That was when I heard a screech.

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