The Giant yellow Caterpillars

This is a story told from the perspective of animals - with a twist right at the end which I hope you enjoy. It has a bit of an environmental message as the animals are trying to save their sacred tree. I won a prize for this at school so I hope it's OK. Please read it and let me know what you think..


6. Mildred

~~Seb and I emerged from our hiding place and ran off ahead of the giant caterpillars, running through the overgrown area to warn the other animals about what was coming. 
We ran into a clearing where we found Mildred the Mole Queen. 

“Oh my goodness, you must escape!  There are giant yellow caterpillars coming this way and you must run and save yourself!” said Seb to the queen. 

“I was wondering when they would be back.  I know exactly what we must do” said Mildred in a surprisingly and incomprehensibly calm way.  “Right men, prepare your claws and dig!” she commanded her moles. 
Mildred made her moles dig huge holes right where the caterpillars were heading.  When they arrived, the caterpillars plunged downwards into the holes. 

“Hurrah!” everybody cheered.
It was getting late, so Seb and I found a cosy little hole made by the moles and fell into a deep sleep.  I couldn’t wait until the next morning so that I could tell my granny all about our adventure.


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