The Giant yellow Caterpillars

This is a story told from the perspective of animals - with a twist right at the end which I hope you enjoy. It has a bit of an environmental message as the animals are trying to save their sacred tree. I won a prize for this at school so I hope it's OK. Please read it and let me know what you think..


2. Meeting Seb

~~One day, after my last lesson from Granny I went for a stroll in the Giant fern forest.  I knew I wasn’t allowed there but I went anyway for the spookiness and to get a little excitement.

Suddenly I heard a strange hissing noise but yet I couldn’t hear any footsteps. I walked on. The sound followed. I scoured my surroundings.  Nothing seemed to be there.  This was starting to get a tiny bit creepy.

Out of nowhere a long, non-slimy, slug like thing slithered out from the darkness. It looked like a very odd creature because for one it was so big but yet it didn’t have legs and it had a strange head, a bit oval and flat. It was a bright shade of lime green and didn’t look very harmful until I saw its teeth.
“What are you?” it hissed showing two huge razor sharp fangs.

I managed to stutter “I...I...I’m a w...w...weasel”.

Then it hissed “Hi, I’m Seb the snake. Wanna be friends?”

“ you don’t want to eat me?” I said calming down a bit.

“Why would I want to eat you? And anyway you’re way too big and hairy. My whole family was against the war in the first place and me and my parents had to flee to the countryside cos otherwise we would have to fight in the war” Seb explained.

“Me too” I said. “Wait! What’s that sound?”

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