The Giant yellow Caterpillars

This is a story told from the perspective of animals - with a twist right at the end which I hope you enjoy. It has a bit of an environmental message as the animals are trying to save their sacred tree. I won a prize for this at school so I hope it's OK. Please read it and let me know what you think..


8. Blossom and Boris

~~We knew the caterpillars could not in fact be that far ahead since they moved pretty slowly when we saw them before.  We decided we had to get ahead of them so we hitched a ride on Blossom the cow. We rode her to a huge field in return for the ride and sprinted onwards.  We finally caught up with the caterpillars and we saw that there was a river just over the horizon.  And then we saw it - the Sacred Tree of Oojamaflip!  They were heading straight for it!

We ran along and bumped into Boris, the King Beaver.  “Mr Beaver, you have to build a damn.  You need to redirect the river to block the caterpillars path!” I said.

“Those pesky things again! Man, when will they ever give up?” asked Boris.  “This is the third time. Come on men!  Get to work - let’s block this river and dig a new channel so that the water gets in the way of those obnoxious caterpillars.”

In what felt like hours, the beavers were done - just as the first of the caterpillars crept over the top of the hill.  The beasts advanced downwards, then suddenly came to the river.  The biggest one charged into the water but just as it was about to get to the other side, it violently lurched to the left.  An odd looking two legged creature emerged from the caterpillar’s eye and jumped down splashing into the water.  It swam towards the other caterpillars.  Lots of other creatures came out of the other caterpillars and wrapped the wet creature in a fur like material.  After a few minutes, they all climbed back into their caterpillars and headed the other way.


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