Past the Witching hour

This story is about a girl who discovers her fathers time machine. Unknowingly, she transports herself to the Civil War Era and meets a mysterious man who she promptly falls in love with. But, when she brings him back to the world she know...things are not the same as she left them.


3. Chapter Three.

               I woke up to the sound of a bird chirping. Why hadn't my alarm gone off to wake me up? Then, I realized it. I was still in the middle of a big hunk of metal, I was still stuck in a patch of time I wasn't supposed to be in, and I still didn't know how to get home. 

                      "NO!" I shouted and stood up immediately

                       "NONONONONO!" I said frantically and started pacing. What was I going to do now? I thought my life was just going to go back to normal, but it really hadn't! It was still the same! 

                         I wasn't going to be sparing with it anymore, I started pushing buttons and pulling on levers.  The man jumped up from what I could tell was a deep sleep. 

                        "What are you doing?" He shouted and stood up. 

                         "SEND ME BACK." Was all I said. I said it over and over again. I said it until I could hardly breath, until my lips were getting chapped from being exposed to so much air. I wheezed and felt the adrenaline surge through my aching body. Than suddenly, it moved. It was a large jolt, just like it had been the last time. 

                         "What was that?" The man asked nervously. Then all at once the ear piercing shriek rang out again. I fell over and started to tremble. I really hoped whatever I did was going to work. 

                           "What did you do?" He shouted but I could only barely hear him and we were now shaking and bouncing through what I had now concluded as time. It scared me and my arms flailed out to find something. When they didn't find a hold, I put them around my head. Then it stopped, and thank god it did. Maybe now I was home and I could put everything behind me. I walked quickly over to the door and took a deep breath before opening it. 

                           "Please God, let me be back in my own time." I whispered under my breath. Then, I opened it. What I saw, was not my own had to be too far in the future. From what I could tell I was in the middle of an alleyway. I ran out into the hustle and bustle of people in the streets. I grabbed someone by the arm.

                             "What year is it!?" I shouted. I must have looked like I was crazy because his expression grew scared. 

                               "2015." The man said, he then quickly shook away from my grasp. But I wasn't done. I grabbed an older lady and asked her, 

                             "Where are we?" 

                              "Your in Richmond, Capital of the Confederate States of America!" She said, and she looked proud. 

                              I felt my heart drop and my stomach sink. I looked up and saw flags with blue x's on them hanging from every building on which there were sleek, chrome colored jets. There were projections and holograms all over talking about the war, the war, the war. This couldn't be 2015...There was no way in hell! It was then I felt a presence behind me, and I looked back and saw the man. His dark eyes wide and his mind reeling. 

                             "What it this?" He stammered. I could barely hear him. 

                             "I have no idea..." I said. 

                               It was than that a girl with dark hair locked eyes with me. She was wearing a long, white lab coat and a blue shirt underneath. As soon as she saw me and my roughed up companion, she ran across the road and soon her blue eyes were right in my face. 

                             "You two better some with me." She said and took both our hands. She pulled me through the city that I should know. It should look familiar... but it doesn't. It looks like something out of the Jetsons...and I couldn't help but feel that I had made it this way.


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