Past the Witching hour

This story is about a girl who discovers her fathers time machine. Unknowingly, she transports herself to the Civil War Era and meets a mysterious man who she promptly falls in love with. But, when she brings him back to the world she know...things are not the same as she left them.


10. Chapter Ten.

               We sat on top of that building for hours. The city sparkled with thousands of colors, I noticed logos shining on building most likely depicting what people did inside of them. Almost everyone had the Confederate flag on or next to it. I sighed, this had to be hard for Andrew. From the looks of it, Confederate America was clearly on the winning side of this war.

               "I don't think I'll ever be the same after seeing this..." He said. I nodded in response.

               "They said this was 2015, that's almost 200 years away from where I'm from. If this war's going to be pursued for another 199 years I'm not sure I want to be a part of it..." He said. 

               I wasn't sure how to answer, but I still responded as best I could.

               "If I can fix this, and if you can go back, it won't be this long." I said.

               "Well Ms. Emily, how long does it go?" He asked.

               "I think 4 years." I said.

               "4 years." He uttered into the darkness.

               "Do you want to go back?" I asked.

  He was silent, and I couldn't believe it. Did this mean he wanted to stay? He couldn't, I wouldn't let him. If he didn't go, that means my Dad would stay dead...If Andrew didn't go, I didn't have a family. I was about to speak up when I heard a voice from behind me, 

                "What are you kids doin' up here?" The voice was raspy and low, enough to strike fear into my heart.

 Neither one of us could speak. We were frozen. I could feel the man's gaze on my back and knew that I had to get off this building and away from him. 

                "You speak when you're spoken to, especially you son. You gotta be learnin' some respect. "

  I then watched as Andrew stood and dusted off his pants. What was he doing?I went to speak to him, but I couldn't find the words. 

                "I think you Rebels ought to end this damn war." He said. He than wound back and hit the man straight in the face. And when I say hit, I mean really hit. The man fell onto the ground instantly, spilling the drink he had out onto the ground. Andrew then looked at me, his dark eyes wide with fear and said, 

                "Get up, we have to go." 

 I didn't hesitate. I got up as he took my hand and started running. He burst through a door on the roof that took us down a set of stairs. I almost fell, but was able to regain balance. Andrew was constantly a step ahead of me. When we finally got down the stairs we were in the middle of what looked to be a laboratory. 

                "AH!" I said with nerves. I could have sworn I heard the mans angered feet stomping down the steps so he could exact his revenge. 

                "Don't worry." He said. He then took my hand again and dragged me around the side of the room. We dodged glances and stairs from the workers surrounding us, all of which were confused and curious. Everything in here was clean and professional. All the people had pristine white coats and not a hair out of place. I wondered if this was where Gen worked but I didn't have much time to ponder it.

                "LOOK! A door!" I said. We had almost missed it. Andrew skidded to a halt and ran back to it. He then burst through the set of white double doors and into a long hallway. It was similar to the one in the apartment only there weren't any pictures or news reels. It was just glass. I could see beneath us and knew that we were far from getting out of this place, we were probably at the top floor. From here, I could see floor upon floor of tables and beakers and people and momentarily watched them go about their lives.

               "Dammit! There had to be an elevator somewhere!" I said and stopped.

               "A What?" He asked. 

               "Just...follow me okay. Act like you belong." I said.

 So we I down the hallway trying to act as professional and calm as I could, and after a moment he mirrored me. We stuck to the right side of the hallway, trying to avoid peoples confused gazes. I'm sure they were wondering why we were here and what our business was. From the looks of it, this was no place for children. And it seemed someone else agreed with me. 

               "Are you looking for your parents?" I heard from behind me. I turned and was horrified by what I saw. It was him, Doctor Charles Baker, I was sure. A scar ran clear across his face which looked nothing but analytical and direct. He worked here. Andrew was about to say something but I stopped him. I pulled him in close.

              "This guy's trouble, I heard it from Gen." I said.

              "Well what should we do?" He asked. 

              "Just act like you didn't hear him and keep walking." I said. Andrew did what I said, but the confused look on his face remained. I just sighed and willed myself not to look back or say anything. If he saw my face again, I knew it was over. If he killed my father, who knows what he wanted from me...

              After a tense trip down the hallway we finally found an elevator. 

              "Jackpot." I said and pointed at the elevator. Andrew looked hesitant. 

              "Where does it go?" He asked. 

              "Just...push the button." I said, worried that Dr.Baker was still behind us. I was almost certain that he was. I could feel his eyes piercing me from down the hall, scrutinizing my every move. Andrew had pushed the button (There was only a down meaning we were in fact on the top.) and it was now glowing it's familiar yellow orange. I was relieved that something was the same. Finally the single, chrome door slid open revealing an orange carpeted floor and a glass end, giving us another view of the illuminated city. Once we got in, I looked out the doors one more time to see that Dr. Baker was in fact, still in the hallway, only now he was talking something over with another girl. Nervously, I ducked back into the elevator as the door closed. I then rested against the side wall. I knew I had made a big mistake, because now Dr. Baker had seen me for himself. And now there was no where to hide.

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