Past the Witching hour

This story is about a girl who discovers her fathers time machine. Unknowingly, she transports herself to the Civil War Era and meets a mysterious man who she promptly falls in love with. But, when she brings him back to the world she know...things are not the same as she left them.


6. Chapter Six.

                      The next morning shone bright through the windows of Gen's apartment. As I woke up I noticed that Andrew was gone. I pushed the sheets off me and went to investigate. When I left the room I was taken aback by the sight I had before me. Andrew stood in front of Gen, wearing something I never would have expected him to wear. He had on a black shirt and khaki pants completed with a white coat to match Gen's. He to looked taken aback by what he saw. 

                       "You look like an office worker." I said with a smile as I paced into the room. When Gen peered up and saw me she smiled. 

                       "How about this for you." She said and held up a pile of clothes. I took them from her and smiled. Thankful that she had given me new clothes. But as soon as I got back to the room to try them on, I was mistaken. I was very mistaken 

                       They were ugly...really ugly. Quite possibly the most ugly clothes I had ever seen. It was a cream colored tube top paired with a gray blazer and a short skirt to match, it had very light peach tights and a pair of gray flats. And when I had it all on I looked like a lawyer had run into a Catholic school girl had gone through a horrid clothing mix up. But still, I came out.

                       Andrew tried not to laugh but Gen looked satisfied. 

                      "That's perfect." Gen said. 

                      "Perfect? No it's not. Look at me. No one is going to want to so much as look at me in this..." I said.

                      "That's the point." Said Gen suddenly looking very serious. 

                      "The point?" I asked. 

                      "Well, if your who you say you are than a lot of people are going to be looking for you..."

                      "Like who?" I asked, anxiety bubbling up inside me at her words.

                      "Why don't you come with me..." She said and stood up. 

                      "Andrew, stay here and don't touch anything." Gen said and stood up. I followed her out of her apartment an into the hall. The floor was a large screen, projecting news images and flashing images of the Confederate flag that still made my heart sink.  This way and that there were explosions and pictures of soldiers with the word "fallen" floating next to them. Most of them were kids, young kids, some were younger than me. In fact, most were. They looked serious and solemn, too old for their age. They were adorned in gray uniforms that were very straight, some were decorated with stars or swirling gold tassels, but most were simply gray and only flared up by a few buttons. Their hair was glossed over and perfect. There was not a single strand out of place. It was hard to believe that these flawless children could be matched to the horrifying blood baths I was seeing on the screens beneath me feet. 

                      When Gen and I reached the end of the hallway, we walked into a dark room. She pushed a small, blue, glowing button near the door and it closed. Than a loud, monotone voice spoke loudly.

                       "Hello citizen, please state your name." It said. I went to speak but Gen stopped me. 

                      "Genevieve Wilkerson, and a guest who does not permanently reside in this establishment." She said, her voice so void of emotion that is almost matched the voice that was projecting through the room. 

                      "What would you like to do today, Genevieve Wilkerson" It asked her. It was still pitch black in the room and I was wondering what I might see when the lights finally turned on.

                       "I would like you to bring up an internet search." She said and instantly, all four walls blared to life and I jumped back. They displayed a search bar and were a cool blue color, even the floor had the same image. It was as if we were walking into a giant computer screen. 

                        "Doctor Charles Baker." She said, her monotony voice turning just a bit sadder.

                          Images and videos popped up displaying pictures of a practical middle aged man with dirty blonde hair and a scar running across his face. He often shook peoples hands and spoke in front of large crowds. There was a short video of him tearing apart a United States flag in front of a stage and throwing it into a fire. And another of him grabbing a hunk of gold out of someones hand and screaming in what seemed to be delight. But one of the pictures I saw made me heart stop.

                          "That's you." I said pointing at it and Gen pivoted over to see. Once she layed eyes on it, she stopped. 

                          In the picture, she and the illustrious Doctor Charles Baker were teenagers with two diplomas in their hands. They had large smiles on their faces and looked as if they were ready to pierce the world on a steak. 

                           "We used to be married..." She said. 

                           "I'm sorry." I said.

                            "It's fine, I'm fine. I didn't bring you in hear to dawdle about my personal life anyway." She said and looked away painfully.

                           "Well what does this guy have to do with the way I dress?" I asked. 

                          She laughed awkwardly. VERY awkwardly. It was strange, I hadn't seen Gen act this way ever. 

                            "Charles has been the Confederacies lead computer science and war analyst since he was 16. He was a prodigy, and he's still a very capable genius. But...he has a dark side..." She said. I almost wanted to laugh at how much this sounded like a science fiction movie, but I was able to hold myself together. I had to remind myself that this was really happening, and I wasn't just seeing it in a theater.

                             "He hates the North, and he'll do anything he can to destroy it. He's bent on not just winning this war, but taking over the entire United States...He's the one who-" She stopped and winced. I was curious and had to know what she had to say...

                             "Who?" I asked and pushed her on.

                             "The one who killed your father..." She said. My heart sunk. I wanted to cry again but bit my lip and let it boil over into anger. He's not just a fact. He's my dad.

                            "What does this guy have to do with my dad?" I asked angrily and impatiently. I wanted to be sad again, but some how found myself unable to return to that. 

                             "Your father thought that if he could go back in time, he could end the war. He could bring peace back. So he poured himself into his work, building a machine that was capable of doing great things, going back to the earliest times known." 

                             "But Charles didn't want peace, Charles wanted his war to drag on. So he did the job quietly...I was the only one who ever found out. Who knew, who cared about-"

                            "STOP." I said

                            "So, he wants to kill me to now? And what about Andrew? Is he safe? He was a Northern soldier. When you found him he was in an AUTHENTIC UNION UNIFORM. And their probably cameras all over the place since this is The new 2015, and we like to put cameras everywhere and stick TV's on the floor!" I shouted. 

                            "You'll both be fine I promise, for now, just try to blend in. We'll figure out a way to send you back through time and maybe, this world will no longer exist and it'll be the way it was always supposed to be." Gen said than took a deep, stressed breath.

                            "Wait, you can make things go back to normal?" I asked. My Dad, would he be alive...

                            "Yes, when I saw the shift in the time field I knew that someone had pioneered a time device and had some how altered history...this tells me this is not reality. It tells me I may not exist..." Gen said this forlornly and I almost felt bad for her. But this was over shadowed by my need to have my father back. 

                           "So how do we set it back?" I asked.

                            "That's simple." She said "We have to return Andrew."

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