Past the Witching hour

This story is about a girl who discovers her fathers time machine. Unknowingly, she transports herself to the Civil War Era and meets a mysterious man who she promptly falls in love with. But, when she brings him back to the world she know...things are not the same as she left them.


8. Chapter Eight.

                     When Gen and I returned to the apartment we saw Andrew sitting on the couch looking out the window. His eyes were wide and he quickly turned when he noticed we had come in. His face was sunken and sad looking, as i'm sure mine was to. I walked over and sat down next to him. He smiled at me hesitantly and I smiled back. It was horrible that he had to be in this mess to begin with, it was my fault... 

                     "Don't worry" I said in as kind a voice as I could muster.

                     "How?" He asked and promptly smiled. We both laughed for a moment but soon the happiness had vanished...

                      "Because I found a way to get you home. And were gonna do it." I said.

 He rolled his eyes and let his hands droop on his knee's. Gen was on her computer's again, most likely researching where we could find the machine. I sighed, this was going to be dangerous , I knew it. I wanted to have my Dad back, there was no question about it. But that didn't mean I wasn't afraid of what I might run into. I knew it was a fear I was going to have to get over...

                     "I'd like to see it." Andrew said out of no where. I was about to speak, but Gen spoke first.

                    "The city? No. It's out of the question, it's too dangerous. You need to stay here. Both of you." Gen said, her stiff voice returning. Had she always sounded like this? Was I just noticing now?

                      Andrew stood up and said,

                     "I'm not staying in here for God knows how long. Especially considering there's Rebel flags flying out there. It's my duty as a man native to the Union to-"

                    "Andrew, it's not going to happen." Said Gen.  Andrew went to speak again, but I stopped him. 

                   "She's right. " I said.  His dark eyes turned back to me and I felt my heart start to race. I scolded myself. I didn't have feelings for him, I didn't even know him. It wasn't right. It was anything but justifiable. I wasn't even going to see him again a few weeks from now. I don't even think I'll remember his name.

                  We spent the remainder of the day watching city life happen through the window and making small talk with Gen. She did her research and we talked occasionally. We had moved from the couch to a spot in front of the window. It took up an entire wall space and was intriguing to look through. Silently, I wondered if it was made of glass, or something else.  Andrew and I watched the sun droop below the buildings together. I wondered if he had ever seen a skyscraper in is life, and now he was watching the sun set over a city sky line. I directed my attention to the red X flags flying on every building. Was it true that what I had done this to the world? Was it even possible for a war to last this long. It had spanned the entire 1900 era. Had World War Two happened? Did Lady Liberty ever meet JFK? Did Marilyn Monroe ever rise to stardom? Did all the things that made America Iconic ever happen? And was I the one to blame for all of it??? I took a breath and tried to push it out of my mind. I wished I had a better way to cope with things than ignoring them, but at this point couldn't think of anything better...

               "I'm going to sleep." I said. Even I heard the pained tone in my voice.

               "Goodnight. I've almost finished my research and almost found the device. I should only need a good solid two hours and we can make a plan. Okay?" Gen said. 

               "Okay..." I said. It was a lot to process and right now I just wanted to sleep. Once I had tucked into bed it took me about a solid hour to fall asleep, but once it happened it was deep and dreamless.



          I was shaken out of my sleep by a wide eyed Andrew. I was startled to see him, and had to compose myself before finally speaking.

              "What are you doing? Go to sleep!" I said.

              "Don't you want to come with me?" He asked. Instantly I knew what he meant. 

              "NO! That's dangerous.You heard what Gen said." I said, yet I felt the temptation rising in me.

              "This could be our last chance...If your don't come with me I can and will go alone." He said.

I sighed and dragged myself out of bed...I wanted to stop him, yet couldn't resist the temptation myself. The future was waiting just outside the apartment door...

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