Past the Witching hour

This story is about a girl who discovers her fathers time machine. Unknowingly, she transports herself to the Civil War Era and meets a mysterious man who she promptly falls in love with. But, when she brings him back to the world she know...things are not the same as she left them.


1. Chapter One.

            It was the same thing that had woken me up the other night...the annoying beeping sound. It always started at about midnight but usually cut off at about this time...but it hadn't, that horrid, high pitched, annoying beeping was still blaring in my ears. Finally after three hours of sitting in bed and trying to ignore it, I had enough. I threw off the covers and angrily stomped downstairs. My bare feet made a disgusting clicking sound on the tile of the kitchen. I looked at the oven, the microwave, everything that could have been making noise but it didn't seem like it was anything in here. I sighed, considered getting my dad, but decided against it. He had to be up early for a meeting he needed to be at, and I don't think he would be happy if his daughter woke him up because of some beeping. Besides, I could handle this myself. 

                I looked outside and saw a red light flashing in perfect timing with the squeaks I was hearing. I grabbed a flashlight, swallowed my fear, and tugged open the glass door. Summer nights here in Georgia were usually warm, but this one was strangely cold. I considered going back inside, but the light was still flashing and the noises were still hammering, and I was determined to go back to bed and get some more quality sleep before I had to go back to school in the morning. So, I followed the light through the thick hedge that separated out tiny little house from acres of back wood. I could see the light, it wasn't far I could tell. I was getting scared though, and my fears only got bigger when I realized what it was. 

                  It appeared to be some kind of long, panel like device. It almost looked like the first computers it had so many wires and wheels. I hoped that it was just something electrical...maybe some kind of box or power supply? I saw the light and underneath it in large blinking letters it read, fix central turbine. I took a step back and had a look for anything that might resemble a central turbine. There was a large wheel that appeared to be clogged with a bit of metal. I tried to pry it out with my hands and when I was unsuccessful, I hit it with the flashlight. It tumbled to the ground and onto my bare foot. I stifled a scream and feel back into the large device. I smashed through what seemed to be a door and heard the loudest sound I had ever heard. It sounded like a a storm alarm and soon yellow lights started blinking like mad and the whole thing started to shake as if an elephant were outside!

                 I didn't try to keep my little journey a secret anymore. I screamed as loud as I could, but could still only hear a tiny poke of a sound over the loud alarm. Than suddenly everything stopped. The sounds, the lights, the shaking, everything. It was dead silent. It was now that I noticed there were tears streaming down my face. I stopped to take a breath. My head was pounding and my ears were ringing. I noticed there was light coming in from the top of the the computer. I tried to stand up, fell, and after many tries was finally successful. I walked slowly over to the door while trying to tell myself that everything was fine. I had fixed it, and now I could finally get some sleep. But when I pulled open the hatch I fell through, everything was not fine. 

                It looked like the same forest, but it was stark daylight. There was a thick coat of fog hanging around the ground and the sunlight glowed through the tree's like it had been there for hours. I was confused, the whole ordeal couldn't have lasted more than five minutes. I took a deep breath and tried to get myself to stop shaking. I was so scared. I could feel the tears start to rise up again, but pushed them down. I was almost 18, I couldn't just go crying. I took a deep breath and started to sort things out. 

               I sat down on the ground and leaned up against the strange device. At first I was scared I would fall back in, but after a bit, I was so tired I just stopped caring. I tried to stay awake but my body was waning on me. I would have fallen asleep if it weren't for the rustling in the tree's ahead of me. Startled, I tensed. I brought my knees up to my body and started shaking again. My plaid pajama pants felt damp and muddy from sitting on the foggy, wet ground. 

              Out of the tree's emerged a pail, dark haired man with a rumpled blue uniform. He looked just about frightened as to see me as I was to see him. His dark eyes were wide as he searched me up and down. By this time I had stood up and was about ready to run as fast as I could in the other direction. But something held me there, glued to the spot. Something about him seemed, important. But all those thoughts left me as soon as he pulled a pistol out from his belt. My body flinched, but the words he said stopped me. 

              "You better be quiet. Don't move, don't speak, don't breath." He said sharply. However, there was something else in his voice, fear. I pieced it together in my mind, he was running from someone, and he was desperate. He ran closer to me and I was ready to scream, but didn't. He used my computer to boost himself into the tree it was leaning against. I followed, and though I wasn't nearly as fast as he was, I made my way up. I was just in time. A few men with gray uniforms and thick southern drawls came walking up. 

               I wasn't sure what they said but as soon as they started cracking off gunshots I got the message. I started trembling and the tears that I had been working so hard to contain wouldn't stay in anymore.  I was going to die, I was going to die. I felt something on my hand. I looked up and saw the man who first came staring at me. His face told me he had sympathy for me and when he motioned for me to come closer, I trusted him. At first I thought he was going to push me through the branches and save himself but he didn't. Instead he took me in for some kind of hug.

             They fired off another shot and I jolted. He held me tighter and though it wasn't the most reassuring thing, it did help to calm me down. The men mumbled something that sounded like "Jesus" and slowly left. I felt his posture relax as he shook me off and climbed back down the tree. I stayed in the tree for a moment, but when I noticed he was going to leave I shouted for him to come back. 

              He stopped, and slowly turned around. 

              "What in God's name is this?" He asked.  And suddenly, I knew.

              This wasn't just a computer. This device, this machine, this thing had taken me all the way back through time and dropped me off in the middle of the Civil War...

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