Love That I Can't Have

A girl likes this guy but she thinks that he doesn't like her at all because of the way she looks but she might be wrong or she might just embarrass herself in the end. Should she give it a try? or should she leave it well alone? Tell me what you think in the comments below


1. The First Time

   The first time I saw him I thought that he would be the one but I might have thought wrong. At first I thought that he was a complete ass hole, but as I got to know him and actually talk to him he's actually really nice and that he can be a complete perv sometimes but that's only on his good days (and that's everyday) but that's beside the point. The point is that he's really nice and can be sweet when he wants to.

But let me start from the beginning and no not the bible in he beginning I mean the how I met Dylan beginning. So it started at the beginning of the school year when I was in my 10th year and he was in his 9th year of high school. And on my schedule I had chorus and I didn't think that he would have the same class as me because he played football when it was still in season. It turns out that he was a singer athlete.

When I walked into the class I say him and I thought to myself 'wow he is really cute' and its a good thing that I said that in my head because if I didn't then I would have been embarrassed and would have transferred out of that class and into a new one. I tried to talk to him that day because I didn't have the courage to talk to him. But that first time that I saw him I thought that he was the cutest guy in that chorus room. And that says something because last year there were NO cute guys but now there's one Dylan.

   A couple weeks passed then a month then the next month we had our first chorus rehearsal that year and I decided to take a selfi with my friend Kayla and me and I decided that Dylan should be in it so I asked my friend Kayla to ask him and low and behold he was in the picture with us. But that isn't the first time that I talked to him the first time was the next day because we had rehearsal two times before that concert, but we practiced in the morning to during class.

That's when I talked him, it was during class when we got our break. I was relaxing on the riser that we were standing on and he kept saying "hey, hey, hey" and I thought that he was talking to someone else and when I heard the last 'hey' I knew that he was talking to me. When I turned around to see what he wanted he told me that I had big boobs and I said thanks but weirdly. And he said that he would give me a nickname. And that nickname was big tits. And nervous me just smiled and looked away and that was the first time that I have ever talked to him.


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