This story is about a girl named Jessica who met a boy over summer vacation, but the only memory she has of him is a photograph of the two of them. This photo holds all of the summer memories that she has. Will she find him, or just move on?


4. Chapter 4

JessiKa's Pov

In all honesty, I know I chose to go to school with boys, so it's something I'll have to deal with, but WHYYYY. Why do boys want to bang everything that walks.

But of course before I can get to mad, Mike - my boyfriend- turns the corner.

"Mike!!" I yell.

"Jess" He says in his low, deep, sexy, voice.

Since we do go to an all boys school, we aren't allowed to kiss at school, or even hug.

"Hey, how's first and second period?" I ask him, I take double classes, which means one class takes up two periods.

"Ms Jess, it was by far the most boring set classes in the world." Mike pretends this fake accent.

"Mikey, you know you have to - need to - pay attention, this is our junior year.." I lean up to his ear, "and unlike every other taken boy at this school we get to spend it together..." I kiss his cheek, yeah rules are rules who cares?

"Hey, you know the Tom kid, new kid?" Mike asked me. I nodded, Mike said, "Yeah he was talking about you during the whole class. How hot you are, how nice you are. Please, how does he know you."

"Mike. I'm not going to lie. I don't want you to worry.. He and I had a thing over spring break last year... I'm so sorry I didn't tell you.."

"Jessika Leigh. What the fuck. How could you keep this from me. I thought we were like THE power couple." Mike sounds pissed off.

"Mike, I love you. I don't have feelings for him. I never will. You are the guy I love. I would kiss you if we weren't at school." I look at him. Mike looks at me, smiles, and wraps his arm around me, and walks to third period. I smiled I have everything. But wtf he didn't say I love you back. Shit. Shit. Shit.

"Hey Jess." Nolan runs up to me, "I'm sorry about earlier. No hard feelings right?" I nodded.

Miley looked pissed, "What happened earlier?"

Nolan looked at me, "Um, uh, nothing in particular. I didn't do my math packet and asked her um for help... she said no because that would be cheating." Nolan looked at me. I mouthed sorry.

"Jess-a-babe, why didn't you tell me?" Mike kissed my ear.

"Sorry Mike, see ya" I walked to my seat.

"Hey Jess ?" Mike looked at me.

"Huh?" I looked at him.

"I love you too." Mike said it. Mike said it. YES. I smiled and sat down.

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