Piercing My Heart

Vic Fuentes - Pierce The Veil's lead singer. Every emo, gothic, rocker girl knows his name. Well, almost all of them.

Estelle Parker, daughter of the CEO of Fearless Records, is a rocker and an emo, but has yet to come across Pierce The Veil. What happens when she runs into Vic while she at the studio and sparks fly?

Could this be fate? Or a horrible, horrible mistake?


2. Wait, what?!

Chapter One // Wait, what?!

"Estelle, you sure you're fine with covering for me?" Luka asks, as he frantically tries to pull his leather jacket on. His mum got sick or something and he needed to go see her immediately.

"Yeah, I've worked it before and I'm practically a pro at recording!" I smile widely, brushing a strand of dark blue hair from my face. "C'mon, you know that!"

"I just worry that your dad will be pissed about the whole thing," Luka sighs. "The old fogey shouldn't be running this place anymore, in my opinion."

"Yeah, I agree. 'Cept he is gonna retire sometime soon," I smirk, throwing my hands behind my head. "Dunno who's gonna get promoted to CEO, though."

"Maybe it'll be me!" Luka jokes, checking his wallet. "Where's my twenty?"

"Damn you!" I giggle, slipping a twenty dollar bill out from my bra. And my muscle tee hid it so well this time! Luka snatches his money away, leaving with a wave of his hand. I suddenly jump up and out into the hall. "WAIT! Who's coming in today?!"

"Pierce the Veil!" Luka yells and I nod, walking back inside and falling onto the chair. I pull out my phone, pushing up my black beanie as I stare at the puzzle game thoroughly confusing me.

"You know, if you move this, then everything will be much easier," a gentle voice whispers in my ear. I jerk unnaturally, falling out of the chair. My phone lands unhelpfully on my face. Blue hair covers my eyes as a soft hand strokes it out of my face.

"Thanks," I groan, picking up my phone. My vision is blurry, and all I can make out in long hair. My nose aches and I pull my piercing loose, sighing in relief. The person's hand grabs mine and pulls me up.

"Sorry, did I scare you or something?"

"Kinda," I reply, brushy myself down. My hands pat over my black skinny jeans and flannel shirt tied around my waist. I look up, vision finally cleared to see a familiar face.

"Remember me?" He smiles playfully, and blush instantly his my cheeks. Oh god no...

It's him... Vic, from the party last month!

"Hey~~y... you..." I smile weakly, pointing my fingers in guns at him. So fucking awkward. Vic smiles brightly, pulling me into a big hug.

I tense up nervously.

H-H-He's in a-a ba-band-d?!

His shirt is really soft, a sweater of some band. I finally allow my arms to wrap over is neck, forcing my black converse-d feet onto my tippy toes.

"See Jaime! Now that is a hug!" Vic smiles, wrapping an arm around my waist. I smile weakly, pulse unkindly pounding blood to my cheeks.

"I'm so fucking sorry I don't hug like that!" Jaime says with exasperation. I laugh a bit, before remembering what I'm supposed to do.

"Um, how much longer to you need to set up?" I ask quietly. Vic stares in my eyes, and smiles.

"Couple more minutes, Gray," Vic answers. We're on the other side of the recording room, and Vic is supposed to be with his band. Wait-

"Did you call me Gray?" I demand with irritation in my tone. "Because I'll have you know-!"

"I don't know your name, so I'll call you by your eye colour!" Vic grins, straightening his beanie.

I huff angrily and pick up the headphones to the room. Okay, you can do this, Estelle, I remind myself, setting the volume and dials.

"Better get over there before they start without you," I wink. Vic's smile fades and he runs out the door as fast as a cheetah.


I groan as they all walk into the room. This is about the millionth time they've recorded this one song! My hand automatically plays the recording and they nod in approval. I sigh with relief, picking myself out of the swivel chair.

"So you guys are happy with this one?" I ask, hoping that they are. Vic turns to his buddies, whispering about it (hopefully the song).

"Yeah, we like this take," Vic confirms and I grin with happiness. Finally!

"Okay, cool," I say. "What anything added to it?"

"Not yet!" Vic answers. "I think that's it for the day. We'll be back tomorrow!"

I nod, sighing tiredly as I stand up, untying my red and black flannel shirt and pulling over my arms. I check my watch.

"Well, Luka's shift is over now, which means I'm free!" I murmur to myself with a grin. Vic watches all his band members leave, and then closes the door. My head snaps up and I breath heavily.

"So, you're shift's over, right?" Vic asks with a rasp in his voice. I nod meekly, holding my phone in my hand along with my headphones. He starts towards to me, pinning me to the wall with a mischievous glimmer in his warm eyes. "Y'know I was thinking... We should - GET ICE CREAM TOGETHER!"

"What, wait?!"

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