Piercing My Heart

Vic Fuentes - Pierce The Veil's lead singer. Every emo, gothic, rocker girl knows his name. Well, almost all of them.

Estelle Parker, daughter of the CEO of Fearless Records, is a rocker and an emo, but has yet to come across Pierce The Veil. What happens when she runs into Vic while she at the studio and sparks fly?

Could this be fate? Or a horrible, horrible mistake?


1. Spin the Bottle

Prologue // Spin the Bottle

I take another shot of raspberry vodka, gagging as the burning liquid travels roughly down my throat. I sigh heavily, feeling the effects of alcohol as my body tingles. I take a bottle of some beer and walk to a circle of people, sitting in the open space as my friend Carla puts an empty bottle of beer into the centre.

"Guys, let's play spin the bottle!" Carla slurs drunkly. I giggle as I slip my drink, looking around the circle. My eyes land on a cute boy, with long hair to his shoulders with a backwards hat and a nose ring on his left nostril.

As my eyes study his face, he begins to glare at me with his welcoming brown eyes. I freeze, my hands stiffening around the bottle of booze in my lap. His eyes then start to study me, and I feel an unfamiliar, yet pleasant, thrill down my spine.

"Okay, who wants to go first?!"

Carla's voice interrupts us. My head snaps over to her, and my mouth automatically says, "Huh?"

Carla looks at me quickly, smiling giddily, "Okay Estelle!" She gestures to the bottle. I gulp down the bile in my throat, and the sweat now forming on my hands. I glance once more at the guy, and he winks.


I shake my head violently, allowing my blue bangs to fly out of my face. I lean in to the centre, dark and light blue hair spills down in front of me. My shakey hand grips the bottle, and I give it a powerful twist.

The Glass of Doom, as I like to call it, spins for what seems like ever. My heart thuds in my fragile human chest, and my eyes water from not blinking.

The bottle lands finally, and my eyes travel down the glass to the opening, my eyes trailing up the body of a flannel wearing man.


The bottle landed on him?! Talk about karma, this is insane! My stomach churches with fear and slight excitement, but my brain screams why this is wrong.

He smirks at me, and blush burns my cheeks as I crawl across the open space to sit in front of him. I allow my vision to dart to his lips and then back to his eyes.

"Just kiss already!" A drunk behind me yells, and in no time, the boy in front of me's lips are mashed with mine. I kiss back, hands instinctually going to his cheeks and his grab my slender waist.

After an eternity, we break apart, and my heart still thuds unkindly underneath my shirt. I try to scoot away from him, but he grabs my arms, whispering a simple, "I'm Vic."

I shuffle away, still bright red with embarrassment and something else. Vic winks at me with a smug expression, then grabs the bottle and proceeds with spinning it.

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