The Diary of a Red-Headed Teen

The title says it all. I am a British teenager currently in a part of life where something little is everything yet everything about the future is pushed aside to just roll around the floor and procrastinate about... Yay?


43. 29th October 2015

Today I wrote more of my GOT fanzine, which I have a lot to write about with all the new information coming out about Season 6, but yeah. I also went to Tesco with my Mum, brothers and sister since her 20% runs out tomorrow, so they asked for some bits for Christmas. I wanted to get a few books, but the YouTuber books I wanted to get weren't there, except Girl Online: On Tour, so I'll buy them myself, kinda want a bookshelf dedicated to YouTubers' books. Anyway, nothing else really happened, like I always say, my life is so interesting.. Right. 

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