The Diary of a Red-Headed Teen

The title says it all. I am a British teenager currently in a part of life where something little is everything yet everything about the future is pushed aside to just roll around the floor and procrastinate about... Yay?


20. 26th May 2015

Today I woke up about 10am, and my eldest sister Tina was over, she was going to take my Mum and sister out. Though I ended up going and my Mum stayed at home, I didn't make Mum stay, she had to go see the midwife anyway. It's exactly a month today until my Mum gets induced into labour if she hasn't already gone into labour. Anyway, we went shopping, we went into some odd shops, the only thing I got was one item in Poundland which was a cute little candle holder, even if I'm not allowed the burn candles I'll hang it since it looked pretty. I also got a pair of shorts (which I don't own a pair of) from Peacocks, they're navy blue with white Paisley print, they're quite loose too so they are very comfortable. 


When we got home, my Mum and Nan were back, my Nan took my Mum down to the Midwife. We all had lunch and Tina took the mick a bit since I was having a dumb day, just how I was talking and such. When my Nan left, nothing really happened, but about 6pm I left with my Mum and Dad to take my brother to football, so while he was playing his game we went to a big Asda that was ten minutes away. I was so annoyed cause I saw a vest top that was almost identical to the shorts I got earlier, they were even navy blue but the sizes that were available were either just too small or overly large. By the time we picked up Bob and got home it was 8pm, nothing else really happened to be honest, just wrote more of my Frankenstein fan-fiction, check it out if you haven't. It's 23:46 and I'm going to finish writing the chapter and publish it, read it if you would like to. Ciao! 

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