The Diary of a Red-Headed Teen

The title says it all. I am a British teenager currently in a part of life where something little is everything yet everything about the future is pushed aside to just roll around the floor and procrastinate about... Yay?


2. 26th March 2015

It's been years since I've written in a journal, so I thought it was about time. I thought being 14 was bad, 17 is so much worse, completely. I'm unaware of what I want from life except I want to be a good wife and a loving Mother. I guess that's my maternal instinct, or madness, I'll be a terrible Mother. At least that's what people have told me, ironically my own family, thanks. I'm unaware what to do about Tom, he is such a confused man, not because the bi-sexual stuff but rather the depression and suicidal thoughts. Though him saying he wants to kill himself is not going to help, but I don't know I can. We'll see I guess, if he does leave himself, than I know I'll be distraught and probably subdue into a deep depression as well but yeah. If he doesn't, I'd like to think I helped him, since that's all I can do, help but not get help. 

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