The Diary of a Red-Headed Teen

The title says it all. I am a British teenager currently in a part of life where something little is everything yet everything about the future is pushed aside to just roll around the floor and procrastinate about... Yay?


40. 25th October 2015

So, today I woke up in the morning, the fact that I got an extra hours sleep cause the clocks going back helped a lot. My parents, I and Edward ending up going out to Tesco, looking for baby food and stuff they need for Edward soon. He's in that part of being a baby where he is learning what everything is, trying to work out how to use his hands and putting everything in his mouth... Gross! Anyway, also got a McDonalds meal cause you know, when you try to be healthy nothing like a McMuffin... Anyway, when I got home I took the dogs out, my phone had died so I had no music. My phone has been on the blink for a while now, he cuts out randomly, the front camera is broken (it was like that when I got it) and it takes forever to charge. When I got back, Mum went out with Edward so after a little while when my sister went to work and my Dad going out to call outs, I had the house to myself. My brother had been out already, helping my Granddad with so construction work, so yeah.


I ended up watching the first three episodes of Landscape Artist of the Year, I didn't realise they were changing it to Landscape rather than Portrait, might enter next time it is Landscape. I wanted to enter when it was portraiture but I quickly learnt that I couldn't paint body tones very well, looked more like bacon... Anyway, after that shenanigans, Mum came home, she started clearing out some cupboards that were filled with stuff we didn't use and dedicated it to Edward related things, like jars of baby food and the blender which will be used soon. He will have a Turkey dinner which is nice, though I've always preferred gammon, might just be because my Mum overcooks the turkey slightly, sorry. So whilst Mum was doing that, I looked after Edward, by watching Peter Pan with him. When we had dinner (Kievs and vegetables), Edward wasn't very happy, he always does it when we're eating, until he realised that the TV was on. He's already addicted and he's only 4 months old. 


After all of that I retreated upstairs and internet-ed for a while, reading some Movellas and watching some YouTube, everyone uploads on Sundays and it was all stuff I'd been wanting to watch so I have quite a lot watch! Yay! When I went back downstairs to get a 2L bottle of water, Mum showed me a Remington hair dryer on Groupon, which I said I was after for Christmas, this one was £10 more expensive than the one I spotted online, but this kit was worth £70... So. I know everything I'm getting for Christmas from Mum and Dad I'm getting Remington hair dryer set and hair curlers. I have the hair straighteners from Remington, and they are the same model and colour as the curlers! I find a lot of satisfaction when things match. The hair dryer doesn't match exactly, but its black and the other bits are red and black so it technically does. Here I am ranting on about Remington, you'd think I'm sponsored by them, anyway, I'm going to go watch a good hour and a half of Markiplier and pass out asleep. Night.

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