The Diary of a Red-Headed Teen

The title says it all. I am a British teenager currently in a part of life where something little is everything yet everything about the future is pushed aside to just roll around the floor and procrastinate about... Yay?


11. 17th May 2015

Dad woke me up to go to a boot sale, I didn't though, I felt rough and couldn't breathe properly. My cold yesterday was nothing to mention, but nothing I just feel... Crap. I caught up with The Island with Bear Grylls, the 10th and 11th episode. I would love to apply to the next series but I'm too young by a year. The idea of having to fight to survive intrigues me, hunting, collecting water, social need, brings back to what we really need from life. Not the internet (but I do love it), not money, none of that is important, we Humans have just tried to expand on our lives but in turn we have almost made it worse. 


I then took the dogs out, though today I went jogging rather than just walking them. The jog was going rather well until I was jogging and a bug got into my left eye, it didn't hurt, it was more of an irritant. It took me a few moments to collect my eyesight, but then went on further. In the end I was jogging for forty minutes, which I feel better about after. When I got back, me and my Dad started watching Doctor Who, the episode being Vincent, which is sad. After that finished, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde was on, so I thought I might as well. Halfway through however, my Mum and sister, Kat came back home from my Nan's, so I decided to go upstairs, I've seen the film before a few times. I needed to wash my hair as well, so as I'm writing this, I'm probably smelling my hair, cause it smells lovely. I wrote two new Movellas today, The Diary of the Girl in the Body of a Cat and The Tragic Kingdom. I think The Tragic Kingdom will go down good? I'm not sure, I think its a good idea to tell the stories how they really written. The time is 21:56 and nothing else will happen tonight, except YouTube and catching up with Jon, see ya tomorrow.

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