The Diary of a Red-Headed Teen

The title says it all. I am a British teenager currently in a part of life where something little is everything yet everything about the future is pushed aside to just roll around the floor and procrastinate about... Yay?


10. 16th May 2015

Today was rather boring, probably since it was a Saturday and nothing really happens then. I woke up just before 12pm (after ignoring my 9:30 alarm) and rolled out of bed, almost going downstairs wearing my shorts. It's too hot but I wont wear shorts in front of people until I get a pair that at least go near to my knees. Nothing happened for a while, I walked the dogs for about an hour since I had nothing much else to do, its such nice weather. My two dogs are very different the youngest, Tinks is two next month is hyperactive and loves to run. Pearl who is seven this year I think, might be eight is rather laid back, likes a little trot but gets worn out after a while, so I can't go very far. 


When I got back Freaky Friday was about to start, I had never seen the film and it is known for being a proper 'chic flick' I guess. Shame Lindsey Lohan has gone mad she was nice, well I guess that happens to people, I know one for definite. The film was good, the biker, Jake reminds me of Jon (if you know me in real life, you'll know why I found the character's name funny). I then watch Martin Clunes: Man & Beast which was good, it is rather spectacular what relationships Humans can build with animals, even with bears. Watching it though made me want to ride an elephant, that would incredible. Though I have decided that after I go to university (if I do) I want to travel around Japan for a month and then around the rest of Asia for a bit, its unrealistic but I can always hope and dream (and save up my money). 


My sister came over later on, dropping off a car seat she picked up for Mum and Dad. Its mad to think that that the baby is due in about 6 weeks! So crazy, but exciting! Anyway, its 22:36 and I'm currently on Skype with Jon and nothing much will happen, maybe watch YouTube for a while (Markiplier and DanAndPhilGames to watch), catch you later!

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