The Diary of a Red-Headed Teen

The title says it all. I am a British teenager currently in a part of life where something little is everything yet everything about the future is pushed aside to just roll around the floor and procrastinate about... Yay?


9. 15th May 2015

Unlike the past two days, I haven't been as productive. Mainly played cards with the German exchange student, we tend to do this on a daily basis, shame she's going back to Germany in June, not sure if she's coming back. I laid out my current finished art work in the art class, I still have quite a bit to finish but I will do that by mid-week next week. When I got home my Nan and aunt were over, my eldest sister (we'll call her Tina) was showing them the wedding photographs, though she was complaining through all of them. There was a nice one of just me and my sister which I thought was nice, except the fact I look drunk, which I wasn't, this was before the evening. My aunt, the one that was over in fact was weening me into Bacardi and pineapple juice. She started by giving me pineapple and lemonade, and slowly putting in Bacardi instead of the lemonade, it worked though, it was rather nice either way. 


It was this point my Mum insisted that I had to walk the dogs, though I wanted to stay a little longer and talk with them but I left. I do enjoy walking my dogs, today I didn't take my phone so I didn't stop to take pictures (for my Instagram) or listened to music. Though I need some new music, lately I've been listening to Imagine Dragon's new album Smoke + Mirrors and Black Stone Cherry's album Between the Devil & The Deep Blue Sea, and I'm started to get bored of them which isn't good. I was like this last week with Fall Out Boy's Save Rock and Roll album, which I haven't listened to since. When I was walking back, my aunt and Nan passed in their car, dogs didn't have a clue, neither did I until the beeped at me. I'm quite oblivious to my surroundings sometimes, whilst others I can scrutinize and see every tiny detail. 


Tina was still at home and to my Mum's disappointment, me and Tina ended up looked up yo mama' jokes online, which were funny, a few favourites being: 


Yo mama's so fat she stepped on a rainbow and turned it to skittles.


Yo mama's so fat she gets free WiFi since she's already World Wide.


Yo mama's so fat she masturbates to the food channel.


The last one I couldn't read aloud since my mum was in the room, my sister was almost crying with laughter, in fact I think she was at some point. After this I went upstairs and You-tubed for a while, such as Markiplier and PointlessBlogVlogs, I do watch JackSepticEye but when he publishes a video I find interesting, Sims 4 mainly. I helped my Mum cook dinner (I grated cheese) which was omelettes, since we all forgot about the two dozen eggs we got a while back, and they run out in a few days. Eggs for days. I ventured back upstairs to my computer, and the cat Cookie sitting on my windowsill, she likes it there.


After a while, my boyfriend (we'll call him Jon, cause Jon Snow) came onto Skype, we chatted until he finished his call with someone else and then called me. I tend to wear red lipstick when I video call with him since he likes it, we were discussing about meeting for the first time. We've been on and off since last July I think, mainly down to me being an idiot, but not anymore, I'm done with games. The time is 21:29 and I doubt anything else will happen this evening, just discussing kittens with a friend since he has 17. So... Ciao! 

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