In this story, you guys choose what happens! Rules are on the first page, but I do not take full credit for this, everyone who takes part gets credit! Have fun and enjoy:)
I have seen other people doing this and wanted to join too, have fun guys!


1. First off and rules!

Obviously I want this to be a fun, cooperative book for everyone and anyone to join in! Although, some rules are needed to make sure this story is suitable for everyone!

1) Please only use ideas that will keep the book rating at Green as this needs to be suitable for everyone!

2) Please only use fictional characters and not ones that are already in books- make up some of your own!

3) You can choose the genre but for now I'm sticking with other!

4) No explicit language, descriptions or anything else in the comments as they will be either deleted and/or ignored!

5) Have fun but make sure you keep the story flowing and that it will make sense as when it comes to an end we will all want it to make sense!

6) The main character must be called Millie but you can make her however you want and add in any other characters you wish.

7) No hate as this is a cooperative book from everyone! Also, if I change your ideas slightly I am very sorry but it will be for the book but if something needs to be changed and you would like it changing I am willing to do so!

8) Comment ideas for chapter one below!!!

Chapter one;




What are they doing?;

Specific items/things;

Anything else;

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