Joyful words [#Whatmakesyouhappy]

These are some of my poems. I hope you like them.
In between them I will be putting sentences about what makes different people happy. If you'd like to write a sentence please make it around 10-25 words long and comment here or tag me. (You'll have to use square brackets to tag me)


5. Poem #3


I am free.
Free to smile,
At whatever makes me smile,
Free to dance,
Whenever I want to dance,
Free to sing,
Wherever I want to sing,
Free to run,
However far I want,
Free to love,
Whoever warms my heart,
Free to be,
The person I am for no reason,
Other than that it is who I am,
That it is who I will always be,
And that it is the one thing I don't need to explain:

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