Joyful words [#Whatmakesyouhappy]

These are some of my poems. I hope you like them.
In between them I will be putting sentences about what makes different people happy. If you'd like to write a sentence please make it around 10-25 words long and comment here or tag me. (You'll have to use square brackets to tag me)


3. Poem #2

Never forget

I will never forget,
The one who helped me escape,
The one who persuaded me out,
The one who showed me the world,
The one who became my first friend,
The one who accepted everything about me,
The one who showed me that I can be whoever I want to be,
The one who convinced me to let my heart out,
The one who gave me my first hug,
The one who laughed with me,
The one who never judged,
The one who never will,
The one who smiled at my joy,
The one who gave me a name that does not lie:
My name is May.
And I was named by my best friend.

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