Love. Pain. Loss. Four and Tris, two remarkable people, who believe love will succeed. Due to untwisted twists, they find themselves separated, having to battle their demons. Will they overcome their demons, or will their demons overcome them?

"You promised to protect me always, but I never thought the price of that promise would be so high."


2. Pain

Four's P.O.V


I stare down at my slender fingers, twisting and knotting them repeatedly as if doing so would hold back the turmoil inside me. Despair roams the room like a wandering ghosts, expelling in the breath of tense people like me, and those who try their best to bite down the agonizing pain that brings them here. The fluorescent lights glare at the tiles, as they weaken every diminishing moment. The waiting room smells like synthetics and death rubbed raw by ivory soap. I rock backwards and forwards, on the hospital chair, trying to hide the pain clouding my throat. I hold myself tightly, too afraid that if I let go, I might break. My eyes scatter on the waiting room, as I try and distract myself, but as usual. I fail. Nerves of steel hold me down, as I wait patiently. My bones feel tiring, and I feel like I could just sleep. The sound of someone crying makes me turn my head to see the girl sitting beside me. She looks young, no older than twenty, her tummy looks slightly big, I don't know if she is pregnant or just large, but I know that would be rude.

"I'm pregnant, five months. Don't think I am fat. Well, go ahead if you want to. What do I care?" the girl whispers to me like my stares warn her of  danger, she cradles her stomach protectively and leans her head on the wall.

The girl is beautiful, not as gorgeous as Tris, but still very pretty, long brown hair frames her pretty face. Her warm brown eyes that fill up with tears looks at me sadly; she bites her lip nervously, and I notice the bruise on her face. She gives me a deathly stare and turns her face away from me; like she is afraid of catching attention. A part of me wants to know her story, but she probably has enough problems as it.

Time passes slowly in hospitals, it's like every second is like an hour. A cold thrill of wind escapes the hospital door and swirls around the room, like trying to fill the hospital with life. It's been so many hours, no doctors or nurses have said anything to me, which I have taken as a good sign, there can't be any bad things if they don't tell me anything. Suddenly, a grim looking doctor walks towards me, his black mustache is the only hair on him, with a bald head, and small  glasses framing his blue eyes.

"Mr. Tobias Eaton." the doctor says as if trying to remind me of my name.

"Yes, that is my name. But, I would prefer to be called Four." I reply politely, not wanting to scare him with my worry.

"Four, that is an unusual name!" the doctor exclaims.

I nod my head with a dumbfound expression, not knowing what to say.

"What's next three, two and one?" the doctor mumbles quietly, but not quiet enough.

"Your wife Beatrice, is currently in a stable position." the doctor tells me.

I get up abruptly, without even thinking about correcting the doctor that Tris was not my wife, but my lover. I rush into Tris's room, afraid to see what would await me.

The light shines brightly above my head like it is trying to mock me. The posters on the wall exclaiming about "Perfect teeth" and "Healthy Eating" remind me of a life we could have had together. I see a figure lying on the hospital bed, a green duvet encasing her protectively. I see tubes attached to her wrist, giving her the blood she needs, her eyes purple and swollen, like a boxer face who had received too many blows. I sob quietly, knowing I couldn't help myself, I thought I could be brave, but I can't.

"Tris," I whisper, stroking her hair lovingly.

Her eyes stare at me in a confused way, her alarmed face scares me as if I am looking at a stranger. But, it's not a stranger, it's my Tris.

"Tris, it's me," I say, as the hairs on my neck stand still.

"Tris, who's Tris?" Tris questions me, like a child.

Tris shakes her head looking confused and dazed.

"You're Tris, it's me Four,"  I say, feeling scared.

"Four, that's not a name." Tris mumbles, shaking her head madly.

"Tris, it's me. Please, Tris remember." I whisper, collapsing on the floor.

"I don't know who you are. I am, not who you think I am, please leave me alone." Tris says to me.

Suddenly, Tris head starts shaking side to side, her breathing becoming very shallow, her eyes darting in different directions, tears streaming down her face. Tris. No, Tris!

"Doctor!" I scream madly, watching the love of my life fighting for her life.

My mind fogs up and my eyes feel heavy with tears. I feel my lip quivering. I try to swallow my tears and not show my weakness, but the pain is too much. I wish that I could push my emotions so deep I could forget them, but I can't. So I start to cry. 


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