Love. Pain. Loss. Four and Tris, two remarkable people, who believe love will succeed. Due to untwisted twists, they find themselves separated, having to battle their demons. Will they overcome their demons, or will their demons overcome them?

"You promised to protect me always, but I never thought the price of that promise would be so high."


6. Maddness

Four P.O.V

It's all my fault.

All Mine.

I will always be a failure. I failed her. You should never make a promise you couldn't keep, and I did. The vow I made to Tris, the day she was crying over the loss of her brother. She was so fragile, it was that day I realized how fragile she was. It was a day that I would never forget, I wrap my arms around myself protectively. My Six and I was her Four, we would be together forever.

"He left me, Four. Caleb promised me that he wouldn't leave me." Tris moans, tears trickling down her face.

"Tris, you know he never wanted to leave you. It wasn't in his hands, you know that if he had a choice. The possibility of leaving you would never occur for him." I reassure Tris, hating myself for not being able to do any more for her.

"Tobias, make me a promise, please?" Tris asks, grabbing my hand for support.

I knew that Tris would never call me Tobias, without being in so much emotional pain. 

"Of course Tris, anything. I would die for you if you asked me, in a heartbeat." I tell her.

"Don't ever speak of dying Four. I want you to promise that you will never leave me and that you will always protect me and keep me safe. You know that I can't bear any more pain if you left me Four I would not know how to cope." Tris whispers to me.

"I promise!" I exclaim, holding her hand tightly.

How could Tris leave me like this? She promised me that she would never leave me. I'm all alone now. I stand up abruptly, shoving the chair behind me in hatred. I can't help but, notice the stares I am getting at the hospital. The metal of the rail was cool under my hand, as I grip it to keep myself stable. It hurts, the blinding pain rippled through my body with every movement. I gritted my teeth and pulled through it, not allowing anybody to see the agony I was going through. I was strong. My father who I despised had raised me to be a strong warrior, I wonder what he would do now, probably scream at me for being a baby. It wasn't like I didn't try, every moment without Tris broke me. He did this to me, I could have coped with anything. Even if he had hurt me, it would not have hurt as much. It was like he knew what was my weakness was. 

I scream in vengeance, smashing my hand against the wall, the trickle of blood dripping from my bleeding knuckles. A few teardrops trace tracks down my cheek, flowing into my frozen mouth. I take my bleeding hand out and smash it again into the wall, wanting the pain to end. The thought of this pain, hopefully diminishing the other made me smile cruelly. Loneliness bit to the bone, yet the naked pity in people's eyes made me want to shout maniacally. My heart beats rapidly, adrenaline flowing through my body. All I could see was red. I could hear people screaming at me in fear. They probably thought I was crazy, and maybe I was. Tris is going to be fine, she is not in a coma. I know she will run towards me, love in her eyes and laugh at me, reminding me that nothing would tear us apart. 

It's not my fault.

I felt the pain of an injection, causing me to collapse on the floor, a cruel smile plastered over my face. The cold numbness of tranquility flooding me, the cold hard ground welcoming me with open arms. Smack! I hear the sound of my head hits the ground loudly, the sweet ambrosial scent of flowers washes over me. 

A familiar figure walks over to me, with a narrow face and grayish-blue eyes that look at me kindly. She crouches beside me, her short blonde hair which reaches her jaw line brushes against my cheek. Her slender fingers stroked my cheek lovingly.


Suddenly, my whole world turns black, and I close my eyes in reassurance knowing that Tris would look after me.






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