Love. Pain. Loss. Four and Tris, two remarkable people, who believe love will succeed. Due to untwisted twists, they find themselves separated, having to battle their demons. Will they overcome their demons, or will their demons overcome them?

"You promised to protect me always, but I never thought the price of that promise would be so high."


4. Love

Four's P.O.V



"Four!" I hear Tris scream my name.

I run to the hospital room but am shoved away by doctors and nurses, who rush in, leaving me standing cold and alone. What's happening? Why isn't anybody telling me anything?

I walk back to the hospital chair and collapse onto the chair. The hospital corridor is stuffy and the air has an undertone of bleach. In one area of the hospital, the pictures on the walls are cheap prints of uplifting scenery.Despite all the negative things about this place, it offered the best care for Tris. On the private ward, the atmosphere was completely different. The air has a sweet scene of perfume floating through the air, and the seats were plush with cushions. The nurses walk calmly, with serene purposefulness from room to room. My eyes look at the gorgeous vases of flowers, and the beautiful framed pieces of art that light up the walls. In some of the rooms, I can hear the noise of television. Tris's room is in between both of these, in the emergency room. Something bad must being happening, otherwise the nurses wouldn't be bustling into Tris's room, looking grim and determined.

What if something bad happened to Tris? I wouldn't be able to live with myself, without Tris I was nothing. Tris will make it, of course, she will. She is a fighter. A memory comes to me, of Tris fighting Molly, who was a lot stronger than Tris, but my beloved won. She will win this battle as well.

Tris, my beautiful Tris. Tris with her beautiful blonde hair, and her unusual shade of eyes, which is a beautiful shade of grey and blue, and her brave heart. I smile when I see her making it to the tracks in time for the departure. I follow them as they go to the fence that surrounds the city. This is by the Amity farms. My heart pounds rapidly as I watch Tris being hugged by Robert, who sits in the back of the Amity truck. I feel anger, and jealousy. How dare he hug her? I listen carefully even though I know I should not hear other people’s conversation. Nevertheless, I hear Tris gasp when Robert tells her to go back to Abnegation. Tris shakes her head and smiles determined that she would become a Dauntless.

Her beautiful blonde hair is twisted in a knot behind her back. I had never noticed her eyes, but they were an unusual shade of blue and grey. Her large wide eyes stare at Molly with determination, her long thin nose pointing at Molly. Then I look at Molly. Molly with her large bulbous nose, and bronze skin. With broad shoulders, and stringy black hair, and a small weak chin. Molly snort laughs in an ugly way, showing off her crooked teeth. Molly is taller than Tris by inches. Nevertheless, I can see this that it does not bother Tris in one way. She stands back tall, her fingers curled, and her face determined. Tris cocks her head to the left and examines Molly carefully, probably wondering what move she was going to use first.

Come on Tris! You have to do this Tris. You can win Tris! I think, wanting it to shout it loud. I watch Molly make the first move, trying to punch Tris, who dodges it and punches Molly on the jaw, causing Molly to groan in pain. Molly tries again to hit Tris, who slams her slight body weight on to Molly, and punches her. Molly groans in agony. I notice Eric smile confidently as if he had known this was all going to happen.

Suddenly, I had a thought, like Eric, had planned this all out, and knew that Tris was going to win. Tris knocked Molly out with a painful blow, causing Molly to collapse on the floor, tears in her eyes.


I shake my head in an attempt to shake away the memory. The most important thing which made me love Tris, was her battle, her courage and strength. The ability she had to never give up. Tris wouldn't leave me alone. I really need someone, somebody to tell me it is okay. I need somebody to help combat my demons. I wrap my arms tightly around myself, trying to comfort myself. I rock my body gently, my cheeks stained with an endless stream of tears, enduring the emotional pain continue to engulf me.

A blonde nurse walks over to me, from the grief-stricken expression on her face, I can see that something is wrong.

"I'm sorry Mr. Eaton, but your girlfriend Miss Prior has fallen into a coma," the nurse informs me, patting my shoulder.

I weep in pain, hot torrents of grief coursing out of my eyes, like the breaking of a dam mingling with the knowledge that nothing would ever be the same again.



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